This is the first time I spoke at an international conference. Nervous mingled confused that I feel when speaking in front of many strangers.

I was so nervous I greet them until I wrong said,

“Hello Guys” becomes “Hello Gay”. The hall filled with laughter as a result of my speech was, I continued self-introduction, and explains the slide in Indonesian. But in the middle of my speech, I talked with “blepotan” (unordered) probably because I speak quickly. Only 5 minutes on stage.

That’s my story on the 2nd day.

3 days previously, I and nine friends set off in Jogja by train from Jakarta. and do not forget us when he got “wefie”14495314_10210544171861898_4177534594508877579_n

The next day I attended a workshop. Most who took the workshop I know them.


After that, we did not forget to take photos



Saturday, October 1st. awaited main event began. When we arrived, the event has started and already many participants attended. A little late indeed. Because the night before the event, we will prepare slides were presented.



Me and some friends prepare Stand Blankon and help stand openSUSE.

img_20161001_094216 img_20161001_094159 img_20161001_094138 img_20161001_094127



On The first day, Muhammad Irfan to speak first of our “Pejuang Glib” presenting “How to make video bumper openSUSE using Inkscape and Synfig”


and continued with the Syah Dwi Prihatmoko, Saputro Aryulianto, Alin Nur Alifah, Umul Sidikoh with cool persented.


1st day has been finished, the speakers and committee have dinner together




On the 2nd day, Besides me. Kukuh Syafaat, Pahlevy Tawainella, Dendy Putra Delly , Ahmad Haris, they cool speaker



After the event, we had one day tour after the event.


This is also first time me visit to Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple.



Thank you. openSUSE and openSUSE.id  because of you I got many new friends.


You can look another photo in flickr